Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting ready to go...

Steven went and wrote the exam for the inspection authorization, and
passed with flying colours! 
Giving Steven a needed hair cut

David needed extra attention too!!

Packing our things into tubs to take to Bolivia... the tubs will be very handy there in
our new house to keep the insects out of the food

We made it into the country without a problem, thanks to God
We were offered a room to stay in and the couple gave up their bed for us to
sleep in, so we went and bought our new bed ahead of time so both of us couples
could sleep comfortably.

Steven on top of the wall to our house preparing to  put on the steel beams

The back side of our house. It is surrounded with trees on three sides, and in a
very beautiful place. I am eager to start a garden there soon too! Steven chose a
very nice spot for the house.

The 'tool shed' a shipping container converted to meet the needs at hand.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Wedding Pictures

And so after the wedding there were many pictures taken. Here are a few...

With Pastor David Gates

Jerry and Tracy Wilson, Steven's parents
and Robbie and Ivy Ross, my parents

All of the siblings. The Wilson boys, Jeremy, Steven, and David.
The Ross kids, Helen, Sara, Michael, and Anne

The Rosses

Steven got a whisker rub!!!
(He later asked, 'Is that what it feels like?!!')

Mommy blowing bubbles
The Harding kids enjoyed the bubbles. Here Amos was
showing Steven his bubbles

Steven making his 'bird sound'

Amos piped up, "There's that bird again!"

A full pickup!

Boots on????

She still has her boots on!!!!


How can you tell a farm girl from any other kind of girl?

Her Baffins!!! (You need to be a northern Canadian farm girl to get it)

Michael was starting to freeze and vibrate,
so we were trying to warm him up.

The Ross kids

The broach I have on was given to me by a Norwegian.
It is what a Norwegian bride would wear with her traditional
Norwegian dress. Thank you Vivian! 

Warming up by the fire after the photos outside


And it was a feast!!! So yummy! Thank you everyone!

Ok all you air plane geeks, can you figure out the significance of the tail number?
I will give you a hint. Our wedding date was November 27, 2011...... 
Cool Huh?

Curious little girls...

Alissa, the Mommy of the cute kids!

Hold up part two! We got their guns and returned fire to 
pay them back for the hold up the night before!

Hands up you guys!

Then Steven took over!!

Thank you everyone for being a part of our special day!