Sunday, May 8, 2011

AMA Bolivia

This is a video about the medical project in Bolivia.

David Gates video diary #8: Flight and Lake Titicaca runway dedication

This is a flight that I went on with David Gates. This was the first time that a SDA plane had landed at Lake Titicaca.

AMA Bolivia. Taking the Gospel

I did the flying in this video. It shows some of what it is like flying out in the jungle.

AMA Bolivia getting to unreach communities

I did the flying in this video. It shows what the flying is like in the jungle.

So Where is Helen Currently?

Check out this video of the Matteson Mission School where Helen is teaching.
Matteson Mission School

Two Seperate Journeys Heading Towards One Destination

Hello this is Steven

    Helen and I met when I went to Bolivia as a mission pilot and she was a teacher at a secondary school in Bolivia. Helen had already been in Bolivia as a missionary for two years and was wondering if and when God would bring a man into her life. I had given up on finding a girl who was interested in me and wanted to be a missionary, so I decided that I should just go and be a missionary. While in the mission field God formed me into the man Helen was waiting for. Then He brought us together in Bolivia, and we will be married November 27, 2011 in Dawson Creek, BC.
    This blog is for our family, friends, and anyone who is interested in our experiences in the mission field. We will tell of our current experiences and past adventures. We hope you will be blessed by our stories.
Helen and I in Bolivia shortly after we were dating.

 Helen and I shortly after we were engaged. We will be married November 27, 2011 in Dawson Creek, BC.

My parents came for a visit to Bolivia in January of 2011 and met Helen.