Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Wedding!

  November 27, 2011
2'o'clock pm
Dawson Creek SDA Church
    It was a snowy week previous to our wedding. Winter had decided to come with a dump of snow and cold. It was not hindering anything, and was beautiful out, so we didn't mind too much. Steven was busy helping Dad with everything from putting in fence posts, to fixing chimneys, and putting a roof on a shed. He even helped with weaning and vaccinating the calves! So while Steven was busy with that, I kept busy with wedding preparations.

     Friday afternoon Steven and I drove to Grande Prairie to pick up David Gates, about an hour from the Ross home, and along the way Steven asked if I was still wanting grasses for decorations. The grass I was planing on using were near the farm, but had been beaten up in the wind and were not usable any more. We stopped and found really neat wild grasses and weeds. Along with willow branch hearts made with willow from the front tree, and a bit of ribbon, the decorations were ready!!!
 Sabbath evening was the rehearsal. All was going smoothly except for Daddy prancing off with the flower girl, and a hold up! 
            Leave it to Sara and Anne to cause some kind of fun and trouble! Jeremy and David (Steven's brothers) were more than obliging to help though too! Even Pastor David seemed to be in on it!

Steven cleaned up the pick-up truck  real nice!!!

        Steven stayed with his parents at the church Sabbath night. No sneak peaks of the bride! I stayed at home, but neither Steven nor I slept all that much. There was too much on the mind! The night passed and us girls decorated the ski chalet, and then went to Aunty Julie's to get dressed and ready. Much fuss and a few happy tears later (mostly on Mom and Aunty Julies part) and frustration with curls and we were ready to go! I guess I was not a typical bride... I was ready before the other girls! And to the church we went where the guests were waiting expectantly.

The Benson Family Arriving!

The flower girl and Bible boy...
Lydia and Clayton Harding  
Thank you Maria for the guest book!
Ryan, Nicole, and Michael...
Ryan and Michael were the ushers, and Nicole
 was in charge of the guest book

Signing the guest book
             Here are a few pictures just before the wedding.
Anne, Mom, and Sara
Tracy & Jerry Wilson and Daddy
The corsages  that Grandma Anderson made.
 She put all the flowers together very beautifully.
The Ross girls for the last time

Anne, Mom, and Sara

Mom and I a few days before in our wedding dresses.
Jerry helping David
Waiting at the bottom of the stairs for the signal that all was safe for me to go up.
David and Jeremy

       And now all is ready, and the groom and pastor are waiting.....
Entering: David with Anne
Entering:Jeremy with Sara

The Bible boy and the flower girl
Amos and Lydia Harding... some of the
nicest kids I know!

And so all is set and ready for the entry of the bride with her Daddy...

Daddy and Mommy giving me away

Leaving Daddy's arm for Steven's

Listening to David Gate's message for us

Steven lifted my veil to say the vows. I had struggled a long time to keep
myself pure and single, waiting for my prince... and now I was about to give
myself for the first time to a man... to my prince God had for me... to Steven 

Saying the wedding vows

"I do take this man to be my wedded husband..."

"I do take this woman to be my wedded wife..."

"I DO!!!"

Exchanging the home made safety wire
engagement rings for plain silver ones 

    Then as they sang 'A Household of Faith' by Steve Green, Steven and I built a log cabin together.
                   First our Dads brought up a rock on which to build the house on...

       And then we began to build with pieces our Moms brought us...

The walls went up...


And the roof went on...

Blessing our marriage, new home, and future family

  One of the requests/requirements I had for my prince, who ever he would be, was that he had to be willing to wait until our wedding to kiss me for the first time. Both Steven and I had been saving our first kiss for our future spouses, even though we had no idea who they may be. Who knew that God would work out the details so beautifully?
    So now that we were Mr and Mrs Wilson, it was time for Pastor David to announce to Steven,          
                                                   "Now you may kiss your bride!"

Our first kiss

Ok, so it was weird since we had no idea what we were doing! But I wouldn't
trade that kiss for anything!!! Besides, we have a lifetime to perfect it!!!
A blushing bride and groom!!!

And now I would like to present Mr and Mrs Wilson!!!!

Pastor David Gates

Lydia and Amos

Steven's Parents  

My Parents
Returning to usher out the guests and thank them for coming to our wedding

      And so the ceremony concluded with two becoming one, and one less Ross and one more Wilson! Thank you all who came and who sent cards with your well wishes. It was really special to be able to share that day with you! May we all stay close to God and close to our spouses and family until Jesus comes to take us home. God Bless you all!!!
                         Steven & Helen Wilson