Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Continuing Construction on our House

So, we have been building on our house, and now you can see the progress too!
The rafters up on one side of the house

Getting geared up to put on the rafters

There is our little house with most of the metal up!!!

Digging the outhouse hole. We don't have the septic tank  yet, beyond a hole in the ground, and so
the first bathroom will be an outhouse behind the garden. You can sit there and watch the corn grow if
that is what would suit your fancy. The mosquitoes may not leave you in peace long though!
Steven on the throne over the septic tank hole. While we were gone to Yaquiba to get my visa,
some other missionaries became convinced that our septic tank wasn't big enough, so they talked the
backhoe operator into helping us out and digging the hole deeper. Now it is big enough to bury half a
dozen cows! It has proven useful since we are putting all the construction garbage in the bottom, and
then will fill in over it and on top build the septic tank.
Putting on the perlins
A neat caterpillar Scott found and showed us
Little helpers! They helped smooth off the floor, removing the fallen mortar from the
floor surface.
There is the roofing going on! It is a concrete fibre board called Duralit. 

A modufactured wrench.... an exhaust pipe from off of one of the air planes.
A little more torque was needed, and so you make do with what you have!

The extra torque in action!
Some friends gave us the start of a new kitchen: a stove and a gas tank!!!!
CERENID, a street boys home out in the mountains of Bolivia.  A friend of ours, and student of the
Matteson Mission School, is volanteering for a time here, so we went out and spent a Sabbath
there with the boys and friends.

The bus stop leaving CERENID

Water ditches!!! Now for the water pipe.

The view from the front of the house. There is a big pile of dirt and a big tree with
vines hanging from the high branches. The kids love to swing on from the
 top of the pile on the vines.

Steven in front of our house. It looks so much more homey with the laundry drying there.
Hopefully in just a little while we will be living here! 

A very fuzzy caterpillar we found in the house.

       And so besides a trip to Argentina for visa purposes, and a few days running around in town due to paperwork for my one year residency, we have been working mostly on our house. We are very eager to be living there where there will be peace and just Steven and myself. I am very grateful to the family who have let us stay with them, but they need their space and we need ours. God willing we will be in our house within a week. We only lack water and a plumbed sink before we want to move in. All in good time. God is always in the business of  teaching patience, and I am always slow to learn to be patient with a smile.

     I didn't put up any pictures of the garden because it looks very sad. The ants and the hard sand has been causing the corn to struggle. I have tried some more, but this time tilling the soil and adding compost, so I hope that it will do better now. Little by little we will be working on it, and when it is worth looking at, I will post pictures.