Friday, July 8, 2011

A visit home.

A word from Steven,

I left Bolivia April 27 for a visit home. I had been in Bolivia for just short of two years. A visit to my family was overdue. The first thing we did was go camping on Sapelo Island, then I spent some time at home building immunity to North American strains of the common cold. Having a hacking cough was the main motivating factor in the decision to blast my birthday cake candles out.

The campsite on Sapelo Island is in a Live Oak forest on the back side of the sand dunes.

More of the campsite.

One morning the sun rose over the Atlantic to a cloudy day.

Birds flocking at one end of the island.

The next day the sun rose to a clear day.

And the sun set the Atlantic on fire.

My imediate family in May of 2011 from right to left; my dad, mom, older brother Jeremy, sister-in-law Rochelle. my self, and younger brother David. This was the first time we had all seen each other since September of 2009.

Later we had a picnic with friends and family beside the Etowah River below the Allatoon Dam. It was great to see family and friends. I walked up a trail over the dam to the top of a hill that overlooked the lake.

My dad and my uncle Marvin.

We had a picnic alongside the Etowah River. Right to left is my mom,  David, aunt Judy, Grandma Anderson, and Jeremy.

Jeremy and David were discussing how you can see things under the water with a polarized lens.

Right to left, my grandma Anderson, Jeremy, Rochelle, and my uncle Marvin's girlfriend Carrie.

David caught in the act of something.

Right to left, dad,  and friends from church Tony, Anthony, Lugina.

I hiked above the Allatoona Dam.

I hiked up to a hill overlooking Lake Allatoona.

The Etowah River.

My parents took me and showed me the shelter where we are going to have a reception after we return to Georgia from our honey moon. Helen and I are getting married in Dawson Creek BC and most of my family are not able to travel such a long distance.

The shelter at Pickett's Mill where we will have a reception when we return to Georgia after we are married.

The fireplace inside the shelter.

The inside of the shelter.

Thats a mischievous grin. I went target shooting with Dad, Jeremy, and David.

I spent some time helping Jeff and DJ on the annual inspection of the Aerostar at the Collegedale Airport. We spent a large amount of time removing equipment from the plane that was unused. This allowed us to remove a fair bit of wireing and make things less cluttered. Below are some pictures of some of the locations from where equipment was removed.

The belly and rear cabin bulkhead in the Aerostar.

More open belly and wire bundle under the instrument panel.

One of the boxes of removed equipment.

The wingtips that were going to be added to the wings. The savage guys just chopped the wings off of an earostar.

One of the times as I was driving between Collegdale and Kennesaw I stopped my Georgia Cumberland Academy and said hi to Doug Nesmith the boys dean at the school.

Georgia Cumberland Academy. I spent four years here.


The props going back on the Aerostar.

The de-de-iced props.

These props are a bugger to safety. I spent some time on one prop, and Jeff and some other guy stayed up till midnight finishing the safety wire job.

Carmen Adventist School, I spent six years here.

The Marietta Adventist Church and Carmen Adventist School. This is the location of many past games of hide and seek.

Marietta Adventist Church, thank you guys for all your prayers and support.

Kennesaw Mountain as seen from our church.

This is on the top of Kennesaw Mountain National battle field.

This is looking at the town of Kennesaw.

Lake Acworth

I did take the camera off the paddle to paddle.

Dad sailing the sailboard.

The chaise boat in case we could not sail upwind.

Trying my hand at the sailboard, there was hardly enough wind to tack upwind.

The Wilson home, the white fluffy cat is named Cumulus Cloud. We call it CC.

The visit ended short. I left June 15 with David and Becky Gates bound for Bolivia. Along the way I would get to see some more of the work that is being done in other places. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Miracle #? ahhh.... I've Lost Count!

A word from Steven,

      Some are wondering why Helen Ross is so glad that I'm OK. Well, yesterday night I was burning some trash from the kitchen without looking at what was in the trash. While I was tossing some trash into the burn bucket a can of bug spray that somebody tossed in there blew up in my face.
      The blast hit full force in my open eyes and I fell to the ground unable to see. My heart stopped as I thought that I would never see Helen smile again, and that I would not marry her as a blind man. Herman, Scott, and Scott's wife Min came running over. They helped me over to sink where I began to see again as debris was washed out of my eyes.
      Well today I passed a Bolivian aviation medical exam. The eye doctor said that my eyes had some scratches and were a little infected, but I can see as well as last year. It is only a miracle that none of the shrapnel or burning molten plastic was blown into my eyes or face. My face was directly over the bucket. Praise the Lord! I can still serve Him. Thank you, those who pray.