Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Timothy Wilson

Timothy showing off his four teeth:)
Helping Mom put away the groceries. 
Being himself. 
Looking at his color book. 
Smiles with Dad. 
Enjoying spinning wheels. Timothy spends a long time entertained by wheels!
Nap time durring church. It was a hot morning. 

Going to the market...

This is how Steve is going to bring home the food from the market. It works quite well except for when it rains. We hope one day to have a small vehicle to be able to haul stuff and our family in. Right now Steven goes on the bike and Timothy and I take the slower public transport. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Washing dishes and then...

This morning Helen left while Timothy was napping after breakfast to weigh some flour she was selling. When she left she pointed out that ants where marching across the back yard and by the back door.

I started washing the dishes. While I was washing the dishes I noticed some birds in the back yard. They normally hunt for bugs in the grass and bushes around here. They go straight for what they are hunting and grab it.

But this time they were circling around something in the middle of the yard. When they tried to grab whatever it was and failed they would jump straight up in the air and fly a few feet away before trying again. They were afraid of whatever it was that they were trying to catch, so it must have been dangerous. 

So I went and grabbed the binoculars. After watching them for a little I spotted that they were after a snake that was fleeing the marching ants. So I ran out side and put my rubber boots on and grabbed the machete. I ran out to where the birds were. They flew up into the tree above to watch.

Then I wished I had blue jeans on instead of shorts because I could not see the snake, but it was somewhere right around me and it was angry. I stood there for a few moments before the snake struck towards me. Then I was able to cut it's head off and the birds got the snake. It is normally a lot less exciting washing the dishes here.