Monday, March 21, 2016

Working in Guyana

Helping the aviation project in Guyana 

Working in Guyana

      "Help" was the email's subject title. It was from the chief pilot in Guyana, James Ash. "The annual inspection on my plane is due at the end of February and there are many projects hanging on its ability to fly."
     Steven quickly made sure the turbo charged Cessna 182 maintenance was current so it would be able to fly here in Bolivia while he was gone. Then he made sure the guys painting the Mooney knew what to do for several weeks.
      Feb 23 found Steven flying commercial to Guyana. Timothy and I were already missing him before he left! It was a very long two weeks for us here in Bolivia without our man, but we were glad that Steven was able to help keep another countries mission projects up and running with his abilities that God has given him.  
       Steve quickly completed the annual inspection and with the help of Natalia, a private pilot from California, James, the Chief Pilot of GAMAS, some Guyanese student aircraft mechanics, and a certified Guyanese aircraft mechanic, was able to sign the airplane off as airworthy before the two weeks were up. 
The airplane all ready to go for another year!
It just so happened that on the platform where the GMI plane was being worked on, was the AWA (Adventist World Aviation) plane that Steven had worked on during a summer job with them back when he was still a student at Andrews! The AWA plane is the yellow and blue plane in the picture, and the GMI plane is the the white, green, and yellow one.
     The weekend was coming and they were all finished with the plane. James invited Steven out to his home at Paruima to spend Sabbath and Sunday, a two and half hour flight from Georgetown. Many of the GMI projects in Guyana are in the interior with no road access and river access only if you are willing to make the month or more long trip by water. Paruima is no different. The plane is their life line to the outside world.
Paruima SDA Curch
The Church parking lot.
The river is the only highway out there. Even James
travels by canoe from the airstrip to his home. 
The Davis Indian Industrial College, Paruima
Sunday, Steven, James, and the Pathfinder group, climbed the mountain beside the village and then flew paper airplanes off the edge of the cliff. 
A view of Paruima and the airstrip from the top the mountain.
       Steven enjoyed his weekend in the interior, being woken up by howler monkeys, canoeing on the river, and pending time in nature.  But then it was time to go home to his family in Bolivia!
       We are very thankful that much was accomplished and that Steven made it back safe and sound. We will share what has been happening here in Bolivia next time!
                 God Bless you all!

The Wilson Family

PS. To read more about the aviation project in Guyana, here is a link to
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