Wednesday, August 22, 2012

May and June

There are not many flowers here right now, but the new leaves are
rarely green at first. They start as many varied and bright colours.
  There have been many highlights these last few months. In May Anne came down to be a volunteer at Familia Feliz, but was with us for a few weeks as she worked on her visa paperwork. Familia Feliz is an orphanage in the jungle 320 miles north west of Santa Cruz.


The view of the city from the property beside us. We like to take Sabbath
walks there since it is so beautiful.
Here are some pictures of a fun day we had at the sand dunes. We hitch-hiked down the road from the TV station and then walked down a dry river bed to some nearby dunes.
Herman, Saray, Anne, Helen, and Mike
The dunes
Sisters again

Our friend Mike

Jumping down the dunes

We have also been working on the house putting in the windows. Once all the windows were in, it was amazing how much warmer it was! It cut all the cold winds, and if I made enough granola and bread, it warmed the house up nicely!

Anne and Steven gathered the cement blocks to see if we had enough to
build the septic tank. Anne built a fort out of it and here we are guarding
Fort Septic against the invader... Steven
For some reason he wasn't scared at all!!!!
Anne routering on the window frames.
There has also been activity with the airplane. Can you see what is different about the Twin Comanche?

Steve worked in the rain and cold wind replacing seals on the left main gear. He locked it in the nose baggage compartment while he went to get parts. 

Steve flying Joy and Anne to Rurrenabaque. 
Steven also made some cargo flights. Here the pane is full of aviation things
coming from Guayara to Santa Cruz.

Here the plane is full of food going to Guayara from Santa Cruz. Food is a lot cheaper
 here in Santa Cruz, and so whenever there is an empty plane going up, we try to fill it with
Some pictures of the flights

Bee Sting! Some of the bees or wasps here are very potent!

Steven working on plumbing in the drain to the shower.
Playing his new horn
The kitchen in the evening
Our living room/workshop
Working on a wood project. 
Tying on some tree orchids. I hope they grow and flourish in the tree in front of our house.

These are just a few picts to give and idea of a few of the happenings the last few months. I hope soon the new post will be finished and you will see the latest happenings!