Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Sad Medivac 

Medical Evacuations... a way to help people or to show you care and that your God cares.  

"... In the midst of the street of it...was there the tree of life...and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." Revelation 22:2

A call came, "Can you make a flight to Guayaramerin to bring a very sick young boy to Santa Cruz?" That is part of the mission for the planes, to help the sick and the needy in places where there is not the medical care necessary for the situation. They looked into the account and there was enough for the flight there and back.
Steven took off the same day and arrived at Guayara. The ambulance arrived at the airport with the boy, the boy's mother, and a doctor. The 9 year old boy was in serious condition. He had had abdominal surgery done and his bowel had been nicked in the operation. Now he was all infected inside and needed specialized care, which was not available in Guayara or anywhere else in the Beni.

They took off for Santa Cruz, and all was going well until they were about 45-60 minutes from Santa Cruz. The boy started to get worse, fast. The doctor worked as best he could, but the boy died about half an hour before they arrived. As they got out of the plane the mother was crying, sorrowful over the loss of her boy, and scared of being alone in a place where she knew nothing and no one. "Please don't leave me behind here!" she begged Steven, crying. "Don't worry, we will take you back tomorrow," he replied. 

When Steven got home he told the story. We looked into our accounts and thanks be to God and the people who have been so generous lately, there was enough in our personal funds to pay for another trip and take the lady and her now deceased son, back to Guayara. She was so thankful and relieved to be able to bury her son with the support of the whole family, and they could all mourn their loss together. 
One day every tear will be wiped from every eye...    Working towards that day.
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