Friday, December 30, 2016

Giving a Helping Hand to Finish the Work

Giving a hand to help finish the work to get a mission plane in the air.

Giving a Hand to Help Finish the Work to Get This Mission Airplane in the Air.

       This is Steve writing. After we arrived in Miami with the turbocharged Cessna 182 we went to visit my parents in Atlanta. Then we planned on making a make a quick trip to Canada to renew Helen's passport since it was about to expire and the trip up filled up her passport with stamps. Helen's family was also gathering for a family reunion in British Columbia which we wanted to go to.
       But we did not leave for Canada as planned. You can read about what convinced us to delay our departure for Canada by clicking on the link below  to James Ash, the chief pilot in Guyana, telling the story.

To read James side of the story click here..

Below is a link to Edwin Davidson finishing the story where James left off.

To read Edwin's side of the story click here.

     This airplane we were working on was bought by Todd Anderson, who was working and dreaming about serving in Guyana with his family.  Below is a link to a blog that James wrote about when he learned that Todd Anderson had cancer and that he was stopping work on the plane to undergo cancer treatment. Sadly Todd died, and he did not see his plane fly in the mission field.

To read about when James learned about Todd's cancer click here.

     In the link above you can read in the last paragraph, above the list of ways to help the Anderson family, a call was made for mechanics to help finish the work on the airplane. Sadly, nobody answered that call for a long time. Todd was an excellent mechanic and he had almost finished the work on that plane.

     When James called me asking if I could help with this plane, I told myself  "I can do that, and it will cause much good if I help". This made me think of  James 4:17 which says, "So whoever knows what is good to do and does not do it is guilty of sin." I did my little part to help with finishing the work on this plane. In order to make the trip to Canada I was not able to stay till the job was finished, but was able to help to get it over the "hump" by completing the airplane inspection, signing off the airplane as
unairworthy and leaving a list of defects and unairworthy items that needed to be corrected. Then the aircraft mechanics who are not inspectors were able to correct the unairworthy items on the list. Thankfully two aircraft mechanics (Darren Lea from AWA and Tom a local retired mechanic) volunteered to help James and Edwin finish the work on Todd's airplane. I along with everyone else who helped finish working Todd's airplane, will share in the joy.

     What joy will we share in? This reminds me of a book that I read. "King of The Storm" by Jewell Parrilla, written about Frank Hutchins, a pioneer Adventist missionary to Central America. Frank Hutchins died before he saw the fruit of the mission work he accomplished, and his wife returned to the U.S.A. a widow. Imagine the joy of Frank Hutchins at the resurrection, when the multitudes that were saved as a result of his mission service thank him for his work.

       Likewise, when Jesus returns, we will see Jesus's joy in seeing all who were saved as a result of the mission work that was accomplished with Todd's airplane. Imagine Todd's joy at the resurrection, when he sees the results of his efforts, the joy on Jesus's face, and hears Jesus say to him, "Well done good and faithful servant".

I want the thank everyone who supports us with prayer and financially. You helped us do this. At the resurrection you too will share in Todd's joy.

Thank you,
The Wilson Family

Todd Anderson

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